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Lisa Parsons 

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I am an adventurous and problem-solving copy and content writer with a background as an actress. Words are my jam and I have worked and lived all over the world so can relate to and empathise with many people from many different stories. 


I've been an actress in London, an exchange student in the USA at the tender age of 15, an Au Pair in Belgium, a Travel and Event Manager in Barcelona, a Travel Consultant and Fitness Trainer in Sydney and a digital nomad in Mexico.


I have done Kung Fu camps in Thailand, surf camps in Morocco, a journalism stage in Paris and toured with a theatre troupe in Italy for months on end. Needless to say, I am adaptable and that carries through to my ability to find your voice.  


I want to know about you. What drives you, what inspires you, how you got to where you are and where you want to go. I will then write in your voice to get your message out in a genuine, honest and compelling manner.  


Drop me a line and we can chat about your content and copywriting needs and your vision. 

- Lisa Parsons

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Content Writing 

Long-from content for websites, newsletters, articles, blogs and guides. 


Short-form content for eDMs, social posts, push notifications, mobile apps and more. 

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